With modern advancements in digital imaging, we can now plan the exact positions of implants and place them in virtual reality before any surgery is done.   This makes the procedure minimally invasive as computer planning is used to guide the preparation and placement of the implants without lifting the gum up to see the bone. 
This state of the art technology is similar to the key-hole surgery used in medicine.

You will firstly need to have moulds taken of your teeth and templates created to simulate the position of the new teeth.  The template is then used to take a computed tomography scan (CT scan).  The information is then processed in the computer where Dr Yuen plans your reconstruction.  The planning can then be transferred to the mouth using precision made surgical guides.

This makes surgery quicker and you may decide to have fixed temporary teeth placed the same day.

Temporary teeth

The most common worry from patients is whether they will have to be without teeth for a period of time.  Here at Epping Dental Implant Clinic, Dr Yuen is always trying to make the procedure as comfortable and convenient for the patient as possible.  In many cases, implants can have fixed temporaries placed on the same day so that our patients do not have to face the world without their front teeth.  This is called immediate loading and the plan is customised for the individual patient.  It can give you the cosmetic and chewing confidence you need to continue with your daily activities.  This can be discussed with Dr Yuen at your consultation.