Implants are the modern way to replace lost teeth. 
They can be used to replace dentures to give our patients the ultimate in comfort and oral health.  Dentures can often become loose when talking and especially during chewing which can be embarrassing when eating in company.  Denture adhesives are often required and can be expensive and difficult to use.  The physical presence of the denture and the need to store in a glass of water each night can be psychologically damaging during social interactions. 
Dental implants can help relieve your self-consciousness in these situations.

Bridges require the removal of good natural tooth structure from neighbouring teeth. 
These irreversible changes can dramatically shorten the life of these teeth. 
Any future problems on just one neighbouring tooth will determine the fate of the bridge.

Original condition with 1 tooth missing
Teeth are cut down for the bridge to be attached
Finished bridge